EditPlus v3.11 釋出

網站上提到的新功能與 bug 修正(連結):

* 'Send PWD after each interval' FTP option.
* Allows custom file filter on the Directory Window.
* 'Save current file' option for user tool setting.
* 'FTP account' option on the Project dialog box.
* 'Directory name' option in the Project dialog box.
* Upload dialog box accepts drag and drop.
* 'Undo/Redo All' commands ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* 'Delete Empty Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* 'Delete Duplicated Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* Supports syntax highlighting of backup files.
* Allows multiple selections on the Output Window.
* 'Import/Export' button on the 'Set Directories' dialog box.
* Adds color option for the Cliptext/directory window.
* Increases user tool button to 20.
* Toolbar button for 'Close Others'.

* Cancel button on the FTP transfer screen works immediately.
* Directory Window did not work with certain file extensions.
* Displays 'Remove Leading Spaces' command in the popup menu too.

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